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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions about Matrisms

Login / Password Section

  • To Login firstly open www.matrisms.com website.
  • Click on SignIn link shown in the header .
  • It will open Login Panel. Use your credetials for login.
  • For logout Click on your name shown on the top of your screen.
  • Click the Logout in dropdown menu.

  • If you have forgotten your loginId or password, we can send it to you via email or by sms.
  • Click here to open forget password page as shown below and enter your contact number or email id. You will receive your login ID and Password immediately.
  • If you are on SignIn page click the forget password link in the right hand side of the Signin panel.
  • It will jump to forget password page, fill the required information and submit it.
  • You will receive your login id and password on your registered mobile and email address.

To change your password, all you need to do is follow the following steps:

  • Click on your name shown in the top bar of page.
  • Click on settings from drop down menu.
  • Goto login and password section and edit the the password.
  • Click on Update button.

Note: User cannot change his/her own login id for this he/she has to make request for the same at Matrisms.com.

Membership Packages

Matrisms मे registeration बिल्कुल free है |

बहूत सारे members को आप की profiles show होगी |

आप की profile किसी को suitable लगती है तो वो आप को contact करलेगे |

आप show interest कर सकते हो दूसरी profile अगर आप का interest acepct कर लेता है तो आप उन्ह का contact number view कर के उन्ह से

बात कर सकते है |

आप free chat कर सकते है |

अपनी requierment के according आप profile short list कर सकते है |

आप पहले select profiles की list बना ले ओर बाद मे उन्ह के number ले सकते है | Free membership का यह benifit है की आप पहले match

select कर ले अपनी requierment के according इस से आप को भी पता चल जाएगा हमारे पास हमारे पास आप की requierment के according

profiles है | आप confidently pay कर सकोगे कि हमारे पास आप के लिए match है |


Registration on matrisms.com is free !!. for absolutely no cost you can register and create your matrimonial profile. your matrimonial profile will be visible to millions of members eligible for matrimony.

some of the benefits you get are:

  • can post your personal profile on matrisms.com.
  • other premium members can conatct you .
  • can show interest in other members for free.
  • can respond to members who express interest in you.
  • can bookmark the profiles that you like as 'favorites' to view later.

Transfer or Cash deposit:- you may NEFT/RTGS by using online banking or may deposit cash to any of company's bank accounts.
online Payment through payment gateway :- you may pay online at help.matrisms.com through credit/debit card or Net Banking by choosing plan.


  1. Searching & Shortlisting: Customer search & shortlist profiles for himself according to his/her requirement on Matrisms.com .
  2. Consultation:  Customer tell the shortlisted profiles Ids to his/her dedicated  customer care executive to get their (shortlisted profiles) views for his/her own profile.
  3. Recieve Match Alerts with contacts: Customer will get match alerts with their contact details  who are interested to talk with him. Now customer can communicate & proceed with interested prospects.




Show interest is for intimating other that his/her profile seems to suitable to you and you want to take his response. On showing interest by you in any profile the profile owner recieve text message on his mobile phone and email about your interest and it depends upon him only whether he/she will respond to your request or not.

Request contact is to make a request to matrisms customer care for getting the contact of other customer which seems suitable to you.

It has two types:-
  1. Recieved Alerts : shows match alerts which are recieved by you either on email or SMS.
  2. Sent Alerts: shows profiles to which your alert is sent either by email or SMS.

It contains the profiles of which you have made request for his/her contact.


  1. Open the full view of desired profile.
  2. goto contact section.
  3. click the request contact button at the bottom of contact section of profile.

by this your request to get the contact of desired profile is automatically submitted to matrisms.com.

it has two types of profiles:
  1. Recieved Interests: Profiles which express interest in your profile.
  2. sent interests: profiles to whom you express interests.

it shows the automatic selected profiles by matrisms.com according to your requirement.

  • Login your account.
  • Open profile of person to whom you want to show interest.
  • Click on 'Show Interset' link displayed in Application Box.
  • Alert will be automatically send to that person mentioning your profile Id in it.

It again has two types:
  1. Recieved requests: contains the profiles which asked you to upload your picture.
  2. Sent requests: contains profiles to whom you have requested to upload their picture.

It has two list to maintain:
  1. ShortList: contains profiles you have short listed for future use.
  2. ignored list: contains profiles which you have ignored so that they cannot show in your search.

It is very popular and unique initiative started by matrisms.com to exchange free contacts as social service.

To get free contact of other profile you have to follow simple procedure stated as below :

1) Login to your profile at www.matrisms.com .

2) Search profiles according to your requirement.

3) Show Interest in profiles which seems suitable to you. Try to search and show interest in more profiles to increase your chances.

4) The contact details will be exchanged between you and profile owners who will accept your interests.

This way we keep spams and unwanted calls from our users away.

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1. Thanks For Contact Us. Our respestative will soon contact you.


Partner search section

log in  to your account and click on the search match link shown in menu on the left hand side of your screen.


You can now search your match by follwing methods.

• Basic search allows you to quickly find partners on the basis of the country they live in, their religion, and age.

• for Advance Search you can use filters option just select the opions in filter box and click on click for filteration button. this feature allows you to search for members based on photo availability, marital status, age, height, mother tongue, religion, country, state and city.

the searched profiles will appear in right hand side you can check all the profiles by clicking next or page number from pagination displaying at the bottom .

The matrimonial partner search results get updated continually. The most recent matrimonial profiles are listed at the top so that you can view and get to know the newest members of Matrisms.com Matrimonials.

In Hindi

सब से पहले आप चेक करे कि customer की profile Demo है या Paid अगर Demo Profile है तो आप चेक करे कि customer को कितने match

send हो चुके है ओर अगर 10 -15 profiles जा चुकी है तो आप customer को अपना profile activate क्रवाने के लिए कहे |

ओर अगर Profile Paid है तो आप Ticket Paid team को Transfer करो |

In English

There can be many reasons why you are not receiving many responses. It is possible that your Personal Matrimonials Profile does

not match the member's matrimonial requirements specified in his/her Partner Profile. Also, perhaps the member may be more

interested in other partners at this time. It is also a good idea to check what the member is looking for in his/her partner, before

expressing interest in the member. Also, don't forget to fill in more information about yourself before you express interest. It

encourages people to accept your interests expressed.

Sir/Mam आप की requierment मे ही ज़यादा लिखा हुआ था मैं आप की requierment ठीक कर देती हू या आप खुद भी correct कर सकते हो

जिस से आप को सही match आएगे | आप की requierment के according ही आप को match आ रहे है जो आप की requierment fill की थी |

आप की requierment थोरी wrong लिखी थी आप भी online अपनी requierment section मे requierment change कर सकते है

या मैं change कर देती हू | उस के बाद customer की requierment के accirding सही match search करे ओर add करे

ओर customer को send करे |

Profile management

Posting your matrimonial profile on Matrisms.com is very easy and completely FREE of cost. All you need to do is fill FREE Registration form. That's it!!! Your Matrisms.com Profile information will be updated and will be online,  to register click here

Please follow the following steps to edit your matrimonial profile:

  • Login to your Matrisms Account.
  • Click your name displaying in the header bar and select the 'edit profile' option from drop down menu.
  • select the section which you want to update.
  • Do updations and click update button at the bottom.

You can change most of the information in your profile. However, there are some items (e.g. your date of birth, gender, marital status and religion) which can be changed only in exceptional circumstances. This too can be done only on request to Customer Relations, supported by valid reason(s) and/or necessary evidence.

Our statistics show that adding a photo to your matrimonial profile increases the number of times your profile is viewed by upto 7 times. You are likely to receive 10 times as many responses if you attach a photo. The most viewed profiles are those which have photos. To attach a photograph all you need to do is follow the following steps:

  • Login to your Matrisms Account.
  • Click your name displaying in the header bar and select the 'gallery' option from drop down menu.
  • Interface for uploading picture will appear.
  • Click on select image to upload button and then browse picture for uploading for uploading.
  • It will open the picture in editor, do necessary editing by seeing view of photo and click done button .
  • After uploading Click on Gear icon shown on picture and select the "Set As Profile Pic" option from menu opened to it as set your profile picture.

You can go to settings by Clicking on your Name shown in the header  and selecting "settings" from dropdown menu.


Now Settings page will appear do whatever you want to do.

This is setting used for enabling or disabling of match alerts recieption by SMS on mobile phone.

To use this follow the steps:

  • Open your profile by logging in .
  • open settings and select alert settings .
  • Change the status of button infront of send me profile on SMS according to your need.

This is setting used for enabling or disabling of match alerts recieption by Email.

To use this follow the steps:

  • Open your profile by logging in .
  • open settings and select alert settings .
  • Change the status of button infront of send me profile on Email according to your need.

This is confirmation from your side to send your profile alerts to others. Change the status of button to 'No' placed in front of this, if you don't want this.

To open settings follow the steps:-
  • login to your account.
  • click on your name displayed in header bar.
  • click on 'settings' from drop down menu. it will show Settings interface.

This is confirmation from your side that system will automatically search and send match alerts by using your credits. you can enable/disable this from the button in front of it according to your need.

By using this setting you can choose whether your profile is visible to others and on internet or not.

By using this setting you can choose whether your astrology information is used for kundli matching with others or not.